Blind Tiger Burlington

Blind Tiger Burlington

Welcome to Blind Tiger Burlington, a boutique lodging experience that’s as unique and memorable as this lovely Vermont city that inspires us.

Our 14-room property is housed in a historic brick mansion that has been passed down through generations, always evolving over the years to channel the spirit of Burlington — with a passion for sustainable living, rich artistic pursuits, and poetic individuality. Like Burlington itself, we find ourselves immersed in a little city, yet surrounded by the beauty of nature — the exquisite blossoming and blooming of our traditional gardens, and the spectacular metamorphosis of the passing seasons.

All together, the friendly neighborhood, the beautiful landscape, the stately accommodations, and the skillful craftsmanship of local artisans create a perfect setting for our assortment of hosts to welcome you to Burlington with a distinctive insider’s perspective. Get a local’s look at the best of the best of the city and surrounding areas, both well traveled and delightfully off the beaten path.

Come stay with Blind Tiger Burlington and experience a truly unique Vermont escape that embodies the soul of New England's natural beauty and practical elegance. * Please kindly note that we do not have an elevator on the property. *

349 South Willard Street
Burlington, VT 05401
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