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The #1 Best Public Square in America - USA Today, 2022

No visit to Burlington is complete without a stroll down the bricks of the Church Street Marketplace. The Marketplace is the heart of our little city and a hub of commerce, activity, and community engagement. You’ll discover over 100 shops, restaurants, and local small businesses within our four pedestrian blocks. No two days on the Marketplace are the same as we host festivals, concerts, parades, rallies, street entertainers, and cart vendors all year round. Each year, some 1.5 million visitors come here to shop, eat, meet and greet, mark milestones, or just pass the time of day.

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Great Public Spaces in America

We are a National Register Historic District and have been named one of the Great Public Spaces in America for our historic buildings, thriving commercial activity, beautifully maintained streets and walkways, and strong community engagement.

The Marketplace was founded in 1981 by Bill Truex Jr., Pat Robins, U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, and Paul Bruhn and was one of the first of its kind in the United States. Learn more about the Marketplace’s history below.

Marketplace History

Our Mission

AS A DESTINATION for locals and tourists alike, it is our mission to create an engaging, inclusive space with a clear sense of place. It is our goal to cultivate a sense of belonging for all and act as the backdrop for magical moments and public discourse.

AS A HUB OF COMMERCE, it is our mission to build and maintain a unique and desirable platform for local and national businesses alike that supports and celebrates commerce through creative, community-centered, and economy-driven initiatives.

Statement of Good Will

The Marketplace Team

The Church Street Marketplace Department is a department of the City of Burlington. The Marketplace team is responsible for managing maintenance, marketing, administration, capital improvements, and safety of the Church Street Marketplace District. Church Street Marketplace District Commission is a City Commission that sets policy for the Marketplace District and recommends the annual common area fee. The nine Marketplace Commissioners are appointed for three-year terms by the Burlington City Council and represent residents and businesses.

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