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Free Parking at the Downtown Garage

  • The Downtown Garage (formerly the College & Lakeview Garage) offers 2 hours FREE daily, but you must start a parking session on ParkMobile to check in.

  • Sundays and holidays are FREE at all City-owned parking facilities in the Downtown. This includes all on-street parking, the Marketplace Garage, and the Downtown Garage.

Note: The Downtown Garage has multiple entrances; enter from Cherry Street, between Hotel Vermont and Hen of the Wood, or enter from College Street near the intersection with S. Champlain Street.

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Celebrating Love with Raintree

We sat down with Shannon to get the full story of Raintree's origin (a true love story), their intricate designs, and what they love about being a Church Street business. Plus, a few unique and thoughtful gift ideas for sharing the love this season!

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10 Years of Kiss the Cook with Luke Wight

We sat down with Luke to ask him a bit more about his experience owning Kiss the Cook, what customers are asking for, and how to get kids excited about being in the kitchen. Plus, a few tips and secrets that will surely impress your next dinner guests...

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