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About Us

The Church Street Marketplace District is a business improvement district created in 1981, that includes the public street and all properties that abut Church Street between Pearl and Main Streets. It is a National Register Historic District and has been named one of the Great Public Spaces in America for its historic buildings, thriving retail trade, carefully maintained streets and walkways, and strong community support.

Each year some 1.5 million visitors come here to shop, eat, meet and greet, mark milestones, or just pass the time of day. All property owners in the district pay an additional tax (called the “common area fee”) that funds 70% of the District’s operations. The District may not receive funding for its operation from the City’s general fund.

Church Street Marketplace District Commission is a City Commission that sets policy for the Marketplace District and recommends the annual common area fee. The nine Marketplace Commissioners are appointed for three-year terms by the Burlington City Council and represent residents, businesses and property owners.

Church Street Marketplace Department is a City of Burlington department responsible for managing maintenance, marketing, administration, capital improvements and safety on the public right-of-way in the Church Street Marketplace District.