Market Research & Business Resources


The Church Street Marketplace regularly collects and analyzes data for the benefit of our businesses and the community.  We’ve included our most recent reports below.  If you have questions or need more specific information, please contact Kara Alnasrawi at 802-865-7254 or

Downtown Business Census



Each January, CSM staff canvasses the Downtown Improvement District, identifying and recording every business, floor by floor, across 20 square blocks.  The census collects information on the number of businesses that have opened in or left the downtown. All downtown businesses are placed into a category and sub-category. 







Survey of Church Street Marketplace Retailers

Every winter the Marketplace staff sends out a survey to Church Street Marketplace retailers. The survey asks these businesses about their sales in the previous year, which quarters and event weekends were the most successful, and which marketing strategies they currently employ.




Downtown Retail Market Analysis

Analysis of the downtown retail real estate market; consumer market segmentation and demographic analysis; business mix analysis; an analysis of downtown Burlington’s competitive position in the regional market; existing retail spending zip code analysis; and a retail demand analysis. 

This report was produced by The Eisen Group.



Downtown Retail Consumer Origin Report

Periodically, the Marketplace staff will partner with downtown retailers to collect zip code information from customers for one-week periods of times. This information is used to evaluate the origin of downtown customers during high seasons and shoulder seasons in the retail sector.

July 2018

October 2016: Presentation; Report

July 2016

July 2014


Church Street Marketplace Quebec Visitor Report

Origins of Quebec shoppers, household income, reason for visit, types of purchases made.  Data collected June – October, 2014.



Food & Beverage


Food & Beverage Survey

Starting in 2017, the Marketplace Department has conducted an annual survey of food and beverage businesses in the Downtown Improvement District. The survey is designed to measure the health and economic impact of food and beverage businesses in the downtown and to determine ways to better serve and support this business sector.



Annual Reports & Department Evaluations


Customer Services Survey

Each year, we ask the Church Street businesses to give us their thoughts, opinions and ideas about the services delivered to them by the Marketplace staff. The Church Street Marketplace team uses this information to better serve businesses within the Church Street Marketplace Business Improvement District. 





In September 2016, Mayor Weinberger kicked off a new initiative, BTVStat, to ensure achievement of the City’s strategic goals, hold department leadership and staff accountable for the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the services delivered to citizens, and to provide leadership and staff with the tools and resources needed to evaluate and improve the work they do to deliver those services. As a city department, the Marketplace Department has participated in BTVStat meetings and established key metrics in order to better track, evaluate, and improve its delivery of services.

August 2018

February 2018

October 2017

April 2017


Howard Center Street Outreach Team Evaluation

The Howard Center Street Outreach Team provides a range of services for persons in and around the downtown Burlington Business District. Services are primarily focused on assisting persons with psychiatric disabilities, including assessment, support, and active referral to needed services.



Additional Research & Reports


Smoking Ordinance

Smoking has been prohibited in the Church Street Marketplace District since December 2014. In January to February of 2016 the Church Street Marketplace surveyed Church Street businesses to gauge their opinions of how smoking practices have changed since the no smoking ordinance has been enacted.